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Workout Wednesday


This week starts year two for Team Aspen Gym Rats. Last year our of 3000+ teams we came in 19th for activity hours. This year we gained a few members and look to crush that goal. Now the website was a lot better last year, still a few bugs to fix, but ready to track all those active minutes!

Let’s Go Rats!!



This year I feel that I need to kick it not into high gear, but EXPLOSIVE gear. I have done it again…NOT sure how it happens (would like to think it’s muscle) but I was 200 in Jan-2013 and now Jan-2014 I am at 204. Funny thing is I was down to like 183 lbs back in July. My goal is to get to 170 lbs before my 2nd Triathlon. I have taken some eating habits as necessary steps for this goal. 1st. I have continued to give up sweets (candy, cookies, cake, etc…) the only sweet all of last year I allowed myself was 3 things…A. Frozen Yogurt (with fruit on top), B. Plain Vanilla ice cream, and C. Dark Chocolate covered almonds. This year I have continued this trend, except I am adding PIE back to the table, because honestly, last year on RAGBRAI I didn’t have one slice and usually I have 1-2 per day. So…PIE is back on the table, but everything else I will continue to go without. 2nd. I have decided to go ALL year without fried food (tenderloins, fries, fried green beans, fries pickles, fried..ANYTHING) **Except I don’t count chips, some people say those are fried too…but I mean more like deep battered and fried food or aka BAR food** It has only been 21 days, and so far so good on the fried food, but the struggle will be when the BAR HOP Bicycle Part Rides start happening… Well, got off topic there, but the 3rd thing I will do to get more out of my exercise is by adding Two-A-Days to my workout routine. I have started a new lifting schedule of Mon/Wed I do Upper Body Lifts and Tues/Thurs I do lower body lifts. I am liking the routine. The Friday I do my cycling class with an instructor that KICKS MY ASS each time, Saturday I do Cycling class or just cardio, and Sundays I try to get in a Triathlon at the gym (Run/Bike/Swim). Now I will be adding some more running and swimming to my schedule. I will go back Tues/Thurs to run some at least 1-3 miles and then swim 10-15-20 laps. Wednesday I will go to Cycling class and get my ass kicked some more! I think the added cardio will help.

Overall the number 1 thing I need to do is Binge….Eating. I have a small problem when I am home, bored, watching TV of eating pointless snacks (some maybe healthy) but I eat 2-3 snacks mainly because I am bored. THIS IS A MUST QUIT for me…I need to stop this and get into finding an activity to do when I get snack hungry. (Advice? Tips? Comments? are always welcome!)  

HAHA I Saw this…Maybe this should be my Motivation Poster! 



Back At It!

So…back on July 6th I burned my hand pretty bad. I couldn’t squeeze, lift, touch or anything with my right dominant hand. So I slacked from the gym, and maybe gained a few pounds. I was able to manage during RAGBRAI without using my right hand, but now its back to the gym…Full Force. I got my lifting gloves out to help with the tender parts of my hand, but have to say no pain!

Usually this time after RAGBRAI is over I do some biking, go to the gym but then towards middle of fall and beginning of winter I slack off. Not this year, I had a goal of 170 lbs by July. I did not meet that goal, so the new goal is 170 by the end of the year!


A Few days in ONE post…


So I forgot to do my Friday Flashback. Let’s take a stroll back to the triple 7’s (07-07-07) This was my (girlfriend at the time) and my 3 year anniversary. I planed a trip to Chicago. I lied and say my Aunt won 2 tickets to a dinner cruise, so she wouldn’t wonder why I purchased these tickets. The surprise all most got spoiled a few times. The night before we were at Uptown Friday Nights listening to a band, and she went up to my Aunt to thank her for the tickets, and my aunt was like “what tickets…oh… ya Those tickets”. Then on our way to Chicago her dad sent he a congrats text (was supposed to send it to me) but mistakenly sent it to her. Luckily he just got a phone and was testing the picture sharing texts, so was able to play it off that way. The day was great, sight seeing,shopping and the dinner cruise. During the cruise I waited for her to go to the restroom  ran up to request a anniversary dance and gave him my camera to video tape it. Funny thing was that she thought I was drunk when I was talking to her, but I proposed…and she did say Yes (otherwise I probably wouldn’t be writing about this). It was one of my greatest nights and probably why we like to go to Chicago a lot. It also ended with fireworks which were perfect since she realized she liked me on the 4th of July back in 2004. 



Saturday night/Early Sunday morning

I got an e-mail about Harley (our Foster dog) that there was some people interested in him. We have only had him a week, and would have thought we would have had him longer than that. It made the wife and I realize that we weren’t ready to give him up. We are what they call “Failed Fosters” as in that moment we decided to adopt him. He gets along with Murphy (most of the time) and even in the short week that we have had him he has became part of our family. So please Welcome our newest member of the family, Harley!




This morning I woke up 15 minute later than I usually do for the gym. I hurried my way out the door to get to the gym. I got in a very vigorous 10 minute warm up on the Elliptical, and then did my chest lifts. I wasn’t sure if it was the being “late” than made me bust my ass, but it was a great workout. I need to kick it into gear as well, I have about 47 days until my triathlon. I need to start working on my running outdoors and hopefully by May I can do a swim at the beach to get used to colder water and the dark gross water as well. I did get in 20 miles on the bike and I just hope the day of the Tri there is no WIND! 

That pretty much sums up the weekend! 


Workouts, Coaches, Basketball and…Miss America

Well Yesterday was a LONG day. I had a fundraiser for my work that is a long tiring event, the positives from the event were

1. We made money for the program
2. I got to get my photo with Kirk Ferentz (Also got to have a conversation, where usually there isn’t a lot of time for conversation. 
3. I got to meet and get my photo with Miss America. 



Then after the event was over I got to quickly clean up and get back home to watch the last half of the Iowa Basketball game, which they WON and now will be playing in the NIT Championship! I know it’s only the NIT, but winning the NIT is better than losing first round in the NCAA Tournament…GO HAWKS!!

Best part of it all is that even though I go to to bed LATE, I was still able to get up at 4:30 AM for my workout. I am getting back into the groove of my AM workouts which are very nice so I can have time at home to relax with my wife, my dog, watch TV, or like tonight go back to the gym for a second workout with the Cycling Class!

Only regret of last night is that I didn’t give Miss America a “I Partied With BAD BOBBY” Bracelet! LOL


St. Patrick’s Day…plus some more!

Yesterday got all GREEN for the day of crazy fun! We started out by having a beer at Bad Bobby’s Bar. Then headed to City Beat to meet up with the group for the night out…I mean day/night out. Enjoyed some green beer, some gummy bears and maybe a few shots. It was a great time, lots of people out despite the weather we had. The last few years the weather was low of 52 and high of 82, so the luck of the Irish ran out when we had a 30 degree cold day. 


Today woke up at 6:30 feeling pretty good. I did however make it to the gym to get in some Cardio and also sat in the sauna to sweat some toxins out. The sauna was VERY HOT, it felt like one of those hot, humid and windless summer days. Makes me wish summer was here so I could be doing some long Sunday rides instead. 


Fastest Mile (for me that is)

Today after too much lounging around on my Sunday, I headed to the gym. I did 45 minutes on the elliptical. Afterwards I felt I wanted to get a mile run it after being exhausted. I turned the  speed up to 7.5 and ran a mile in 8 seconds flat. It was by far the fastest I have ran a mile in years and year (maybe 10-13 years). I felt like I was running so fast that to other people I probably looked like my dog Murphy is the picture below. (Quick post today, but I got it done!)Image


Back to the GYM…The Bad…but also the Good!


So after the week off due to a knee/ankle injury I finally got the OK to get back to the gym. I walked (a fast pace) on the treadmill for about 17 minutes, then jumped on the recumbent bike for 10 minutes and then swam for another 10 minutes. The walk was good, I felt maybe I could run, but keeping it slow and will gradually get back into running 1-2-3 or more miles. The bike was good too, I think sometime this week I want to take my bike shoes and go in the cycling room when there isn’t a class to see how those bikes feel on the knee. The swim, although it didn’t hurt except for a minor pain in the ankle and knee every once in a while, sucked. I guess the week off hurt my swimming time, I only did 250 yards instead of 500-1000 yards. I feel I will need to step up my Cardio activity to help build endurance and not be out of breath quickly.  So that’s the Bad, but the Good is even though I was out a week with no exercising  and probably eating more than I should admit, I stayed the same at 198 pounds. So at least that was a boost in my motivation to keep going!


Whey Protein

Today I had a talk with my buddy about different supplements. I am looking to get a boost in my workout. He told me to first get some Whey Protein to get more protein during the day. He also gave me some tips for some pre-workout supplements and some during workout supplements. He is going to give me some trial stuff, but I went ahead and got a month supply of the Whey Protein. I figured I would try it for a month and see how I like it before I buy a huge bulk order. 

Since I already went to the gym today, I decided to go back this afternoon. Completed another 2 miles without stopping and did my chest/abs exercise tonight instead of tomorrow.Afterwards I got the shaker out and tried the Whey Protein. The verdict….it tasted great. I had some back in high school once and it was nasty, but this flavor, Extreme Milk Chocolate actually tasted pretty good.

The kind I got is enough for 28 servings, and there are 28 days in February, so looks like I will know at the end of the month what the verdict is if I should get more. I am pretty excited for tomorrow though to do the 90 minute cycling class.  

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