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Whey Protein

Today I had a talk with my buddy about different supplements. I am looking to get a boost in my workout. He told me to first get some Whey Protein to get more protein during the day. He also gave me some tips for some pre-workout supplements and some during workout supplements. He is going to give me some trial stuff, but I went ahead and got a month supply of the Whey Protein. I figured I would try it for a month and see how I like it before I buy a huge bulk order. 

Since I already went to the gym today, I decided to go back this afternoon. Completed another 2 miles without stopping and did my chest/abs exercise tonight instead of tomorrow.Afterwards I got the shaker out and tried the Whey Protein. The verdict….it tasted great. I had some back in high school once and it was nasty, but this flavor, Extreme Milk Chocolate actually tasted pretty good.

The kind I got is enough for 28 servings, and there are 28 days in February, so looks like I will know at the end of the month what the verdict is if I should get more. I am pretty excited for tomorrow though to do the 90 minute cycling class.  


Cycling Class

This morning was a….OK….morning. I woke up late for the gym, so I didn’t get to get my mile run in before the cycling class. Then i felt I was working hard at the class, but in the end felt it wasn’t that hard of a class to begin with. Then I got some great news, tomorrow they are having another 90-minute cycling class. I missed the first time due to strep throat, but I will for sure be there bright and early tomorrow! 90 minutes of cycling, followed by my chest/abs lifts. Should be a great way to start my Saturday. I might even run afterwards as well. Mainly to burn off the calories I’ll be adding back on at night with all the booze. 


1000 Yards….SWIM

Well, last night I wrote this all out and when I went on the BB website today, it was missing. I’ll have to re-write it.

Yesterday I went to the gym to do some running and swimming. I went upstairs and ran a mile. I feel I am struggling a little bit on the runs, I haven’t ran more than 1 mile since the first time a few weeks back. I think I will try to run 2 miles today when I go.

However I was proud of my swimming. I swam 500 yards (10 laps) without stopping. I think my times was 10-12 minutes, so I will need to work to improve that since I did use the wall to kick off of. Right after I did the 500 yards I did another 500 yards of different strokes. I did some kicks only, backwards swimming, arm only with no kick and a few others. So in total I got in 1000 yards swimming which is good since I think out of the 3 events (biking, running, swimming), swimming would be my weakest link.

I think when I go today I will try and get in a 2 mile run, my leg lifts and some more swimming!

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