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This year I feel that I need to kick it not into high gear, but EXPLOSIVE gear. I have done it again…NOT sure how it happens (would like to think it’s muscle) but I was 200 in Jan-2013 and now Jan-2014 I am at 204. Funny thing is I was down to like 183 lbs back in July. My goal is to get to 170 lbs before my 2nd Triathlon. I have taken some eating habits as necessary steps for this goal. 1st. I have continued to give up sweets (candy, cookies, cake, etc…) the only sweet all of last year I allowed myself was 3 things…A. Frozen Yogurt (with fruit on top), B. Plain Vanilla ice cream, and C. Dark Chocolate covered almonds. This year I have continued this trend, except I am adding PIE back to the table, because honestly, last year on RAGBRAI I didn’t have one slice and usually I have 1-2 per day. So…PIE is back on the table, but everything else I will continue to go without. 2nd. I have decided to go ALL year without fried food (tenderloins, fries, fried green beans, fries pickles, fried..ANYTHING) **Except I don’t count chips, some people say those are fried too…but I mean more like deep battered and fried food or aka BAR food** It has only been 21 days, and so far so good on the fried food, but the struggle will be when the BAR HOP Bicycle Part Rides start happening… Well, got off topic there, but the 3rd thing I will do to get more out of my exercise is by adding Two-A-Days to my workout routine. I have started a new lifting schedule of Mon/Wed I do Upper Body Lifts and Tues/Thurs I do lower body lifts. I am liking the routine. The Friday I do my cycling class with an instructor that KICKS MY ASS each time, Saturday I do Cycling class or just cardio, and Sundays I try to get in a Triathlon at the gym (Run/Bike/Swim). Now I will be adding some more running and swimming to my schedule. I will go back Tues/Thurs to run some at least 1-3 miles and then swim 10-15-20 laps. Wednesday I will go to Cycling class and get my ass kicked some more! I think the added cardio will help.

Overall the number 1 thing I need to do is Binge….Eating. I have a small problem when I am home, bored, watching TV of eating pointless snacks (some maybe healthy) but I eat 2-3 snacks mainly because I am bored. THIS IS A MUST QUIT for me…I need to stop this and get into finding an activity to do when I get snack hungry. (Advice? Tips? Comments? are always welcome!)  

HAHA I Saw this…Maybe this should be my Motivation Poster! 



The L.A. 5K

So I will be missing out on my workout routine when we go to L.A. this week. We are going Thursday-Sunday. BUT as I like to make sure there is a workout room at the hotel. They do have a treadmill, so the plan is to either run 3.1 miles on the Treadmill or maybe find a running spot outside to run a 5k for my Triathlon Training Purposes… Also being by the ocean, I will definitively get a swim in the outdoors water! But I will miss out on my Thursday lifts, Fri/Sat cycling classes and my Backwards Tri Training on Sunday, but I am determined to make sure I get some good cardio in while i’m on vacation! Maybe ever have to stop by Muscle Beach for a quick workout LOL



New Workout…

This week I started a new workout routine. It’s a 4 day split, 2 days Upper Body and 2 days Lower Body. Then on the weekends I will focus mainly on cardio (run, bike, swim etc…) Today I did some squats, lunges and dead-lifts (haven’t done those in a looooong time. Safe to say my legs are burning still and will be burning tomorrow. I have also been counting my miles running, if I can do at-least a mile a day (more on the weekends) I am hoping to have over 200 miles by my second Triathlon (June 1st). I added a new page to my for mile tracker. 



2014 A New Year, New Resolutions, Goals Met

Well, 2013 was a good year (not the best of my life, but still good). Did my first Triathlon and plan to do my 2nd in 2014. I met a lot of fun a cool people on RAGBRAI, and had one of the best weekends of the year being “off the grid” with my wife and the dogs at a cabin in Iowa with no phones, internet, electronics, just us and the pups. 

2013 New Years Resolutions:
1. No Sweets (except for Frozen Yogurt with fruit, or plain vanilla ice cream)
1. Met this goal
2. Read 12 books (Started BOOK PUB)
2. Met this goal
3. Lose Weight
3. Lost weight, but it crept back at the end of the year, so goal not met…

2014 Resolutions:
1. Read at least 13 or more books
2. NO FRIED FOOD ALL YEAR (still debating sweets)
3. Beat my 2013 Triathlon time
4. Lose Weight (and keep it off this time)
5. My newest one for the year, do 10 NEW things I have never done before, I don’t know what those 10 things are, but have 12 months to figure that one. One so far is I am going to L.A and have never been there before.. 

I have goals I know I will meet, and some goals will be hard work, but I am ready for a new year…

Oh…and number one goal…HAVE FUN!!!

2014 BRING IT ON!!!



Back At It!

So…back on July 6th I burned my hand pretty bad. I couldn’t squeeze, lift, touch or anything with my right dominant hand. So I slacked from the gym, and maybe gained a few pounds. I was able to manage during RAGBRAI without using my right hand, but now its back to the gym…Full Force. I got my lifting gloves out to help with the tender parts of my hand, but have to say no pain!

Usually this time after RAGBRAI is over I do some biking, go to the gym but then towards middle of fall and beginning of winter I slack off. Not this year, I had a goal of 170 lbs by July. I did not meet that goal, so the new goal is 170 by the end of the year!



Yesterday, I decided to get the bike off the trainer, or “coat rack” and take it our for a ride. It was chilly at 8 O’clock in the morning, but it was time to get some miles on the bike. Last year the weather was so nice at this time I think I had a few hundred miles in by the end of March. Yesterday I got in a good 27 miles bike ride. 4 of us took the trail north to find a restaurant to get breakfast. We had one in mind, but when we got there it was closed for Easter. We headed back south on the trail to find another place to eat. We found a breakfast buffet, I probably ate more than I should have (especially since I had to go to a Easter Lunch that was at a different buffet). We headed on the trail south afterwards, the sun was starting to show, wind was at the back so it was a pretty easy ride to Jerseys to take a break and get some water. After all was said and done got in 27 miles, which puts me only at 40 for the year! I am way behind on miles since last year I finished with 2500-2600 miles. I have a feeling I will get in a lot this year, but might be splitting my cycling time with outdoor running time.ImageI have the Triathlon on June 2nd, but I’d like to get more into running and do some 5K runs throughout the summer as well. I am also back to doing my workouts in the morning. It’s a bitch at times to get up at 4:30, but I would rather get that done and over with so I can use my afternoon/evenings for outside bike rides, runs and also just to enjoy my night without the trip to the gym. Since March is over I will also get back to lifting as I did a Cardio March month, where i focused mostly on cardio. One thing I do is try and figure out what kind of lifts I am going to do each day. My new plan is to set a up at body part for the day of the week and that’s what I lift. EX: Tuesdays-Legs, Thursdays-Arms, Saturdays-Chest and Sundays-Shoulders/Back. This way I can do different lifts to confuse my muscles and keep it different each time. (oh an abs will be thrown in there most days) 


AM Workouts will be a must…

Well this morning I had to force myself out of bed since I have dinner plans tonight. So I needed to make sure I still got my workout in. It was a struggle but at the same time it was awesome feeling being back to working out in the morning, getting my day started and not having to worry about going back tonight. Especially with summer around the corner I will want to start biking more outside after work, so morning workouts will be crucial. April 1st I plan to get back into the groove of working out in the morning. With march about over my 1-Month of Cardio will be over and it will be back to lifting. I can do my morning lifts and then at night go back for Cardio or bike outside. Let’s bring on the nicer, hotter and more sunshine weather for April…PLEASE!!!


The 99 Percentile

I think I am about healthy again to get back into full swing (starting Monday). I went to the gym yesterday and did an hour on the Elliptical. No problems, and on Monday when I walked on the treadmill at a fast pace I felt I could run. Starting Monday I will have exactly 13 weeks and 91 days until the Triathlon. It’s time to step up the training, with more miles running, swimming and biking while also hitting the weights hard. I found a 4-day lifting program that I modified for myself last year, that I am going to do the full extent for the next 10 weeks. Hopefully that will help me surpass my goals. Also I use the Lose It App on my phone to keep track of the calories I take in and burn. They have groups you can join for motivation and also challenge to be apart of. I was invited on there to join the March Madness Triathlon Training. I logged my minutes on my App for Running, Biking, and Swimming. It should automatically add to the challenge  It will just be another motivation to maybe rank in the top 5 within all these other Triathlon Athletes. I got more Physical Therapy today and Monday, and my last doctor visit on Tuesday. I think I am ready to go full force, I can bend my knee further with little to no pain. 


Physical Therapy part 2

This morning I had my second round of Physical Therapy. I got on the bicycle (which it’s always fun to be on a bicycle) to do a 5 minute warm up. It felt good, not great, but good. I can still feel a little of the stretch-ness in my knee. I did some stretching and iced the knee. The P.T told me I will probably only need about 2-4 more sessions, and maybe less. I go back to the Doctor tomorrow to figure out if anything is different but it looks like I can get back into my routine of Triathlon Training. 1-week set back will hurt me wont stop me, it will only motivate me to work harder. I plan to go to the gym tonight. The P.T. said I could walk on the treadmill and bike along with my upper body lifts. I am also going to get in the pool and swim to see how that feels…plus that means I can sit in the hot tub afterwards. Image


Stuck in a Rut

Stuck in a Rut

I feel STUCK kind of like the dog in the photo. Since my training started this year I haven been going back and forth from (starting point of 200) to 198-194. I can’t seem to shack it. In the past few years I have dropped the weight quickly between Jan-Apr. I am guessing it’s because in previous years I focused more on Cardio than lifting. Hopefully it’s just the muscle building that’s making me gain weight. I think I am going to step it up more to get in more Cardio along with my lifting. Hopefully I get get out of this rut I am stuck in to get down to my 170 goal by June 1st!

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