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My Goal

Back in 2012 I had my hair the longest I have ever got. Total of 11 inches for a donation. It felt good to do, and that why I keep growing my hair out. This year last time it was measures I was currently at 8 inches. 10 inches is what’s needed to donate, my goal 15 inches before I donate again.

Now, everyone can agree cancer sucks, but when it happens to little kids that is just something that always makes me sad. Kids shouldn’t going through chemo, being in pain, losing their hair etc. They should be outside playing, reading or creating their own stories, coloring and overall enjoying life.

Ever since the first time I donated my hair, I decided every few years to regrow it out to donate. This year I have a small challenge, but might be hard to do. Kids going through chemo and losing their hair might be a scary time, might be something they don’t want to do. I have always wanted to find a little girl that due to cancer will be losing her hair. I’d love to pay to take her to a nice salon to have her hair cut right. Also at this time I would cut mine all the way off to donate as well. It would be a way of showing that if a wig would be needed I’m there to help. I just feel it would be a heart warming experience. My hope is that I would never have to do this, I wish cancer and diseases for little kids never happened. Whether this would become reality or not, I will always be growing and donating my hair. I know a lot of people don’t like long hair on guys, I like it on myself knowing that in the end it will go to a good cause.

Below is my before and after for my first donation, and will be excited to do again most likely in August.





Well, it’s been awhile since I have done one of my Flashback Fridays. I like to follow my own path, and with all the TBT (Throw Back Thursday) craze, I figured I’d save mine for Fridays. 

Below you will find a photo. This was a sad/happy moment. I had been growing my hair out for around 3 years, got it so I could donate 11 inches of it. I was glad to donate to a great cause, but it was sad to see the long hair go. I have kept it short for a little over a year, but it’s coming back, longer and stronger. I would like to get it a lot longer, and donate again. I might make it a thing now…grow it out, donate, have short hair, then repeat. I know my wife is not to thrilled about the long hair, but at-least she will deals with it. 

This photo is from the day of the donation, so hopefully in less than a year it will be this long again! 


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