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Watch “Michael Jackson – Super Bowl (Complete Version) (HQ)” on YouTube

So, I have been lacking my updates, but getting back on schedule. Yesterday was the Super Bowl, and the halftime show was OK, but nothing will compare to this one. 

Michael Jackson’s Jan 31st Super Bowl performance was awesome! At-first I wasn’t sure if I watched back in 1993, until the very end when all the kids join him on stage and the big World balloon went up I remember exactly sitting at home watching this. Great Performance, Great Talent, KING OF POP! RIP


Music Monday (Late Post)

Yesterday I forgot to post something for Music Monday. Well better late than never. Last week I was at the used book store and came across a few cassette tapes. So Big Betsy has a cassette player I decided to get a couple. This week I have been listening to this gem!


Michael  Jackson: Dangerous

Great albumn, good music and will always be the King of Pop!


Music Monday- We are the World

Today’s music Monday song will be the classic song, We Are The World. This is such a great song, if only people would follow the lyrics

” We are the world, we are the children
We are the ones who make a brighter day
So let’s start giving
There’s a choice we’re making
We’re saving our own lives
It’s true we’ll make a better day
Just you and me”

We need to start giving more, we need to start caring more about the future. We all need to make better choices, help teach children to save this planet we live on. Children are the future, and we have the choice as parents, grandparents, and Earthlings to make a difference in their life. So start being positive, find new ways to give back, volunteering can go a long way!


do you “Remember The Time”…..

Growing up, ever since I can remember I was a Michael Jackson fan. I remember living in Texas maybe 2 or 3 years old and would have on a black jacket and dance to BAD. In first grade I had to take this stuffed animal, a lion to be exact, home for the weekend. We had to write a journal about everything we did that weekend with the Lion. I remember sitting with my family and I made him do the Moonwalk, so I added that to my journal. I remember sitting in room in late middle school early high school late at night jamming to Michael while I played the old school Super Nintendo. I remember when I was at my first Large Midgets show and they played Billie Jean, and I dance to it and became the Billie Jean King of the Large Midgets shows. I remember the day he died, I was sitting at my desk in my office and couldn’t believe what I heard. I was shocked, tears came down, and just didn’t want it to be true. I remember when my wife and I were listening to a MJ playlist still trying to find that perfect wedding song when the Jackson 5 song “I’ll Be There” came up next on the playlist. We were very happy to find the song that will last in our hearts forever. I remember when the movie “This Is It” came out, seeing it was a great way to see how Michael could still perform and stun an audience. I remember hearing the rumors that MJ would be performing in Vegas (probably around this time) and I would have taken out a loan just to go see him. Michael Jackson was the King of Pop, no one else compares, people can come close, but their will never be another Michael Jackson. R.I.P my friend. I will do my best to “Heal the World”, I will start with the “Man in the Mirror”. When chasing my goals, to remember to “Don’t Stop till I Get Enough”. When times get “Dangerous” to just “Beat It” and get out of a “Bad” Situation. Finally whenever music is playing I will do the only thing I need to do and that’s “Jam”

R.I.P. Michael!



Friday Flashback!

Back in April, 2012, I went with some friends to a Cedar Rapids Titans Arena Football game. The game was fun to watch, the stadium however was not fit for the game. The kicker kept hitting the ceiling almost on the field goal attempts. Shortly before halftime they cheerleaders came through out section looking for 2 dancers for a dance off. My friends were egging me on to do it, but I was only 1 beer in and working on my second. The wife was off getting number 3. After the peer pressure I decided to do it and down my 2nd beer on my way to the entrance. I met my competitor and he kind of looked like a dancer already. I wasn’t worried though…I’m BAD BOBBY! Anyways, the guy asked if he could take his shirt of during the dance, they agreed if that was all he took off. I knew I wasn’t taking mine off and so I had to think of something to top that. I was hoping for a Michael Jackson song, but got just a random song. I did however bust out some Billie Jean moves, but that isn’t what won it for me. See I was dancing to the stands where my friends were at. The other guy went to the other half to sane for them. The announcer, Kathryn Foxx radio lady, told em to go to that side. I turned around and saw the guy with his legs wide and dancing, so I said screw that I ran, dove underneath his legs and jumped up to dance right in front of him. That is about the time the crown went nuts. He did then took his shirt off, but that wasn’t beating my under the legs move. I do have a video of it, and am trying to get a better video of it. But here is the picture of the end, raising the hand of the winner! Image


The KING of POP Pushed me to a 5K

So today at the gym I prepared myself to do a 5K run. This is what i’ll need to do in my Pigman Triathlon. I was debating on music, should I go rap, mix, rock…ended up with the Michael Jackson folder. May he RIP, but he helped push me to the 5K. He kept telling me to Beat It, so I figured he wanted me to leave so I kept on running. When I started to feel some pain, he told the pain to Leave Me Alone. When I felt I was to a breaking point he told me, Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough. During the final run time he kept yelling in my ear that I was a Speed Demon. Then nothing like a cool down to being Invincible. Thank You MJ for pushing me to the 5K marker. The most I have ran in a single time.

I felt great afterwards and headed down to do my leg lifts before I sit in the sauna. This only means the next time I do a Backwards Triathlon I will be running the full 5K and not just 2 miles to really get my training going.

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