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Feb Freezefest 5k

Yesterday I did my second race of the year. I also did this race for the first time last year. This year was much better, better weather, better time (2015-25:00 2016-24:46) so overall a great race. Also spreading the awareness of Epilepsy one race as at a time! Team Z wearing the purple!








Fun Fact Friday

Well since I have a run tomorrow, here is a Running Fun Fact.

“The fastest mile was run by Moroccan, Hitcham El Guerrouj in 3:43:13 in 1999. Interestingly enough, the second fastest record holder is the 2nd place winner of the same race.”

The other day I thought my 6:59 mile was a fast run, I can’t even imagine running that fast for one mile. It would be awesome if I could get my running speed average closer to 7-7:30 minute miles. Oh well, just keep running I guess. Tomorow I just have the 5k goal of beating 25:54 as that was the time I had last year at this Amana Freezer 5k. It was a lot warmer last year, but maybe the cold will make me run faster! 


Work Out Wednesday (Amana Freezer)


Last yea I had a goal to run a 5k race each month. Jan 24th I ran the Amana Freezer 5k. I got a decent time for being in the cold, but it was actually decent weather out.

This year I’ll be signing up for this race again, and if you are looking to do a 5k race in January I’d recommend this race. Time to beat is 25:54


Now I just need to work on my Race Theme. Last year I did a different Superhero for every race.


One More Night….

So, after signing up for the triathlon back in late December. The time as come, the PIGMAN TRIATHLON is tomorrow at 7:00 AM. I have been training since the beginning on January. I am very pumped, or in a quote from Armageddon, “I got that “excited/scared” feeling. Like 98% excited, 2% scared. Or maybe it’s more – It could be two – it could be 98% scared, 2% excited but that’s what makes it so intense!” I have been waiting for this day for over 5 months. I biked a lot (last year I had 2500 miles in by the end of the year) but I barley swam (mostly for fun) and running..HA I don’t run (or I guess I should say 5 months ago I didn’t run). 

Looking back on it all I think it has gotten me more into my workouts. I actually enjoy running now, and am looking to sign up for some 5K runs (starting out slow) but there is a Duathalon in Aug (Run/Bike/Run) so I might sign up for that. 

Some Stats I am impressed with…

Jan 7th- Ran a mile in 9:11 then on May 18th I ran a mile in 7:30 
Jan Weight was at 200 and am down to an average of 186 (looking to be at 170 in the next month)
Swimming starting in the beginning of the year, 10 laps was at 11:21 and quickest was at 10:54 (could be better, but will always improve)

My training has been worth it, even with all the set backs (being sick the first week of January, spraining my knee/ankle and was out about 3 weeks and the damn weather from keeping me form getting more cycling miles outside), I think…no I KNOW I am 110% ready for this race! 

Number 1 Goal: FINISH THE RACE without STOPPING!!

Wish me luck All!
The One….The Only….BAD BOBBY

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