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Top Five Tuesday

This week’s edition of my Top Five for Tuesday will be my Top Five things I’d like to so before I die. Some are possible, some may be impossible.

5. Skydiving- I’d like to take the adventure to the high road, and jump out of a plane. I think it would just be a big rush, fun and overall a fantastic experience.


4. Travel to Space- Now this may be impossible, but I’m still  young you never know what will happen in the next 10-20-30 years. Maybe their will be a way to travel to Space, and I would sure be number one on the list. I have always been fascinated with space, and would love to see Earth from a different view.


3. Coast to Coast Bicycle Ride- I love bicycling, and someday plan to take the summer of fly out to California and load my future touring bike up and hit the open road. Nothing but biking, camping, seeing new places and having a great time. This will be many years down the road as I would need to save some money and really get it mapped out,  but biking across the USA would be awesome!


2. Write a book- I haven’t decided if I want to write a fiction or nonfiction book, but someday want to write a book. I think I got a creative enough mind to make it something great. Maybe a retirement job, but is something I plan to do someday. Maybe this will be something I write during my bicycle tour across the USA.


1. Family Trip throughout the US- I think it would be fun to take Stella and any other future  kids on a trip to each state in America. It would be fun to find the most popular landmarks in each state to see. It would be cool to rent an RV and hit multiple states at once, but it will be something we will do over time.



Fun Fact Friday (Space)

Growing up I was always a big fan on the unknown, space, planets….Aliens! Now not many people might have a favorite planet, but I do, it’s Jupiter.


I was looking up a fun fact for today, so here’s the fact:

“Juno is a NASA New Frontiers mission to the planet Jupiter. Juno was launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on August 5, 2011 and will arrive on July 4, 2016.”


This year we will be unlocking the mysteries of a much much bigger and far away planet. This is exciting to see what kind of information they will get from data.

If in the future there is an option for me to go into space, I will take that opportunity. To see our world from the view of space would be just fricken sweet. I always said, if I knew when I was going to die I would ask to be placed in a space shuttle and sent to space. Once I got to space I would want some high power jetpack, exit the space craft and just float my way to another planet or further into space. Yes I’d probaly die before I got even close to another planet, BUT you just never know there could be an Alien life form that finds me and brings me back to life.

So I’ll be tuning in July 4th to see if the Juno mission makes it to Jupiter. Good Luck!

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